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Small Hors'doeuvres

NoriMaki: Vegetarian sushi served with sesame dipping sauce

Empanadillas: Lots of different filling choices, mushroom, green chili chicken, spicy eggplant, tandoori chicken, smoked duck.....

Calamati Crostini: Chopped Calamati topped with Provolone, Plum Tomato and Oregano. Served Warm

Tenderloin Crostini: Sliced Beef Tender, top with a sweet pepper relish or caramelized onion

Chicken Verde Crostini: Poblano cream and tomatilla

Stuffed Mushrooms: Mushroom and Cheese

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Fireball Mushrooms: Mushrooms stuffed with Hot sausage, cheese

Proscuitto Asparagus: wrapped and baked

Herbed Cheese Crepe Bundles

Grilled Proscuitto and Bleu Cheese

Won Ton Flowers: won ton shells baked and filled goat cheese, pine nut and sun dried tomato Smoked Salmon…flaked or mousse

Swedish Meatballs

Mini Crab Cakes